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Repos, Themes and Software

Help & support for Ultimate Edition 3.2

Repos, Themes and Software

Postby Zaileion » Mon Jul 30, 2012 10:56 pm

I recently upgraded from UE3.0 to UE3.4, and back down to UE3.2 due to my video card, and the lack of Emerald Theme Manager in 3.4. I've noticed a lot of the GTK themes are missing in 3.2. Emerald works for the Window Themes, but the GTK themes that are listed in Ubuntu Tweak are very limited. I tried to download the Ultimate Edition theme packs with Ubuntu Software Center, but i get failed dependencies. So i tried to update the repos but no go. the website is so outdated the repo page stops at 2.9. I see things for Ultamatix, but the website to D/L that is down as well, later i found out that Ultamatix is dead. it seems nothing works as of late, or maybe i'm so inexperienced im screwing up royally.... The website is not updated, and the newer Ultimate Edition releases don't work as well as the older versions. Also with the current Ultimate Edition theme, the text is white on a white background, or black on a dark gray background, which is the main reason for my wanting to change the gtk theme. believe it or not, I'm currently using the high contrast theme so i can see everything...

I am wondering if anyone can assist me in the following:

what is the repo for Ultimate Edition 3.2. and if their is no repo specifically for ue3.2 than what repos are used?
how do i install more GTK themes, and the ultimate edition theme packs?
is Ultamatix still functional, and if so how do i D/L?
Is it possible to install Emerald Theme Manager in Ultimate Edition 3.4? If so, How?
Thank You!
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